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New Beginnings

Step Into the Life You Were Created to Live

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change – Brene Brown

Creating Happiness that Lasts

Anthony Fonte Coaching will give you resources to help you be your best self.  A happy person makes more money, has an overall greater well-being, and stronger relationships.  Bottom line is this….happy people help others to happier.

Rediscover YOU

Part of creating happiness that lasts, is understanding who we really are deep down.  We have to know our values and what we stand for.  We have to know what makes us happy on the inside.  Before we can be happy on the outside, we must first look within.  What is the source of our unhappiness?  Learn to CHOOSE to create happiness


Reflection helps us take a step back and see the bigger picture.  It allows us to see where we are, and often why we are there.  Before we can change and create happiness, we have to first see where we are, and understand why we are where we are.  Once we have a solid awareness, we can begin to make small shifts in our stories to move forward.


To be our best selves, we must take time to take care of ourselves.  We must do things that make us happy.  We have to stop and hit the reset button.  If we are not happy, it will eventually spread to those closest to us.

The Art of Forgiveness

Life can see tough.  It can seem like nothing ever goes right.  You turn to defense mechanisms such as drinking and over-eating, or you push people away, even though you really don’t want to.  You feel alone and not sure why.  If we don’t fully let go of things in our past, they will creep up later and wreak havoc on our lives.  We give you resources to find the cause and let it go, so you can create an abundance of peace and joy in your life.

Learn the Myths about Forgiveness

There are many preconceived myths about forgiveness.  We bust those myths and explains how forgiveness works, and who it is really for.

Forgiveness affects all areas of our lives

Forgiveness is the key to our worth and our well-being.  If we want to move forward in life, or even to the next level, but we are harboring hatred, anger, bitterness, or any negative emotions toward anything or anyone, it WILL affect every area of our lives.  Yes, not forgiving will eventually affect our businesses, or careers.

You are enough

This is very simple.  No matter what you have done, or what others say, you are enough.  You are worth more than the sum of all your mistakes.  You are enough despite all that.  You are a great dad!  You are a great husband!  You are the leader you were created to be!  The stories that we buy into from others, and that we tell ourselves (along with what our cultures tell us how we should be) cause shame.  They cause us to do things that are completely against who we really are.  This resource will help you change the story and build your confidence that you are indeed enough!

Learn how to be courageous

There is nothing weak about stepping out and be seen, and brining to the light what has been kept in the dark.  There is nothing weak about reaching out for help.  Learn that vulnerability is courage and by showing up, you shatter shame.

Know your WHY!

When we are seeking growth and re-writing our stories, we have to know why.  Why do we want to be courageous.  Why are we doing this?  Our why has to be powerful because we will face resistance when reframing our lives.

Know Who you are (You are worthy)

We have to know who we want to be.  This is just as powerful as our why.  If we want change in our life and we are finding courage, but do not have a goal, we will crash and burn.  We have to know that no matter what, we are worthy.  Vulnerability allows us to look past the junk shame confines us to and see our true worth.  You are good enough!

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