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Are You Breaking the Cycle?

Dads, are you breaking the cycle?

You may be thinking, what in the world are you talking about Tony?!  What is breaking the cycle? What does that mean?

Let me ask you another question….To dig a little deeper…

Are there some beliefs, behaviors, or attitudes you wish you could change, but struggle to?  Or have someone tell you “wow, you acted just like your dad right there?”  Why is that?

These beliefs, behaviors, or attitudes were passed on to you from your dad.  And they were passed on to him from his dad, which were passed on from his dad, etc., etc.

These are the habits that were passed down from generation to generation.  These habits are great if they help us become who we want.

Many times, however, they prevent us from being the dad we want to be.

So why does it seem impossible to change them?

There are two parts to our mind…..The conscious and the subconscious.

The conscious mind is where creativity comes from.  It’s where our dreams and desires come from.

The subconscious mind is where all our beliefs are stored based on past experiences and emotions, most of which were programmed when we were little.

What we often do is try to use our conscious mind to change our feelings and actions.

But if we don’t align our subconscious mind with our conscious mind, the subconscious will win every time.

So how do we break the cycle?

That’s a great question!

To illustrate let me share a quick story with you.

A few short years ago, my dad had triple bypass surgery.  He went downhill after my mom passed away.  As we were leaving the hospital, my brother says to me “you know this is going to happen to you, right?”

I replied, “no it’s not.”  He responds, “yes it is going to happen to you, it runs in the family.”  And I exclaimed “Do you know why it runs in the family? It’s because we’re a bunch of angry assholes!  We are so angry, and stressed out.  We are carrying everything around from when we grew up, and from when dad grew up.”

“We’re doing the same exact things dad was doing!  No matter how hard we tried not to do, we’re doing the exact same thing he was doing!”

“I’m not doing it anymore!”

“I’m changing how I do things!”

“I am changing how I raise Kailee!”

“I am changing who I want to be!”

“I am changing our family tree!”

Let me share the back story to the question my asked me.  The reason he said “this” was going to happen to me, was he had a major heart attack at the age of 41 and died 3 times.  6 months later, he has another heart attack.

Heart disease runs in the family….I know why!

It’s because we are angry and stressed, and passing the same habits from generation to generation.

I made the DECISION to break the cycle.  To decide means to put an end to.  I was putting an end to the cycle of anger, stress, shame, and unhappiness that plagued my family.

My Mission is simple.

To help dads break the cycle so they can be who they were put here to be.  To be the dad they want to be.  To have a POWERFUL relationship with their daughters.

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I would love to hear from you.  What’s  one thing you have done to break the cycle, or what is one piece of value you received from this video?

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Until next time remember, Dads, we are the standard by which our daughters will not only view the world, but choose a husband.

Let’s RAISE the standard together!