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Being Intentional About Growth in Our Lives

Being intentional about change in our life. Being intentional about change and growth in all areas of our lives. Being intentional about becoming a better version of ourselves. When we are intentional something almost magical happens in our lives. We have more joy, more peace, more happiness. Our relationships become better, both personal and professional.

We have to change for ourselves. We are constantly evolving and growing. Often times, we can get caught up trying to make changes for other people. Changing ourselves based on what others think we should be. Doing things others think we should do. Acting as our fathers did.

The problem with changing for others is that we can tend to become bitter, and angry, and resentful. We become stressed. Why? Because we are not being true to who we REALLY are! There is always room to grow, and we have to grow to get better. But we have to change and grow within the boundaries of our core.

Our core is who we really are deep inside. Before we were a father, coach, business owner, etc., the uniqueness that only we possess. When we get away from that, tension begins to build. It will continue to build as long as we are away from our center. It will begin to manifest in anger, depression, sadness, emptiness, etc. It will begin to manifest in poorer health. It will manifest in insecurities.

We have to stop changing into something we never were and being intentional about becoming a better version of who we really are. If we want to grow, and change, we have to being intentional about every area of our lives. We have to be intentional about who we hang around. We have to be intentional about the environments and groups we belong to. We have to be intentional about the relationships we have and want to have. We have to be intentional about our jobs or businesses. We have to be intentional about every area of our life. We have one life and we need to make the best of what God has put us here for.

Be intentional about what you watch and what you read. Be intentional about your health. Change will not happen by itself. If we want to change our current situation, we have to be intentional about it. Being intentional takes a lot of energy in the beginning to stay focused and aware. It takes determination. Some days will be easier than others and that is okay. It’s all part of the process.

Although I do well with being intentional most days, this wasn’t always the case. I struggled with depression and anxiety. I struggled with purpose and passion. I was seeking what others were doing. In reality, I was trying to please other people and do what I thought they wanted. I was trying to be someone, to make others proud of me. Because I wasn’t being true to who I really was, I lost sight of who I really was. This is when the depression and anxiety and depression kicked in.

After I beat the depression, I still wasn’t living fully in who I was. I was making progress but still struggled. After my wife died, I began a personal soul searching journey. It was long, and to tell you the truth, the journey never ends, as I continue to change into the real me. I learn more about myself every day. It’s exciting! I still struggle some days, and that is why I have to constantly remind myself of my purpose and mission to keep me on track.

Now you may be saying, “Sure Tony, you were able to overcome, but you don’t know my situation. It’s just not easy to be intentional.” Or “I don’t even know where to begin because I don’t even know who I am.” Maybe you are so overcome with anger and bitterness and have tried before and it “didn’t work?”

I used to say these, and many more. When you start asking more empowering questions, instead of fear questions, things change. You begin to get more empowering answers. More impactful opportunities begin to appear. Your life begins to change, and just maybe, your purpose will reveal itself.

Watch Now….

It’s your turn. What challenges do you have with trying to be intentional about growth in your life? Are there areas of your life that are harder to be intentional in than others? Have you used some other tips to help you overcome this challenge? If so, please share in detail what they are. Many people come to read this and your message could inspire them!

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Remember, your purpose is unique to you and the world needs your gifts, so don’t give up because it’s never too late to create a new beginning in life!


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