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New Beginning

How a Famous Violinist Relates to Creating a New Beginning in Your Life

So how does a story about a famous violinist relate to creating a new beginning in your life? Tony, you may be reeeeally stretching it on this one! Let me share with you EXACTLY how it relates! Have you heard of Itzhak Perlman? He is a famous violinist that has performed worldwide. The important thing…
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daughters need answers to three questions

Daughters Need Answers to THREE Questions from Their Dads

A girl needs answers to THREE very important questions from their dads. The answers aren’t just verbal, they are how a dad shows up as well. Communication is key both verbally and non-verbally. What you DO as a dad means more than what you SAY, although both are important. If you say one thing, but…
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never settle in life

How to NOT Settle In Life

  Under any circumstances, never settle in any area of your life. What do I mean by “never settle?” I mean do not let your current circumstances, situation, or environment run how you live your life.  Do not let it control how your live. Do not let your current circumstance prevent you from moving forward…
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Are you invalidating your daughter’s feelings?

  Dads, do you INVALIDATE your daughter’s feelings? What does that even mean?  Of course I don’t Tony! Well, I don’t mean to if I do.  Is it possible? Let me ask you this….. Have you ever told your daughter to stop crying over something you thought was foolish or, in your opinion, wasn’t a…
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emotional mastery

Are You Breaking the Cycle?

Dads, are you breaking the cycle? You may be thinking, what in the world are you talking about Tony?!  What is breaking the cycle? What does that mean? Let me ask you another question….To dig a little deeper… Are there some beliefs, behaviors, or attitudes you wish you could change, but struggle to?  Or have…
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What is life without hope?

Without hope, what do we really have? What is life without hope? Without hope we have hopelessness. Without hope we have fear. Without hope we have anger. Without hope we have despair. Without hope we have doubt. Without hope we have anxiety. Without hope we have sadness and depression. Why do we have all these…
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