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Book Preview – Letting Go of What You Can’t Control

Here is another book preview of the book coming out in the near future. Stay tuned, you do not want to miss the launch of the book!

Often times we get caught up in things that are outside of our control which cause worry and anxiety. Our finances, bills, people doing something or saying something to us or about us. Even our kids!

We stress about things that are in the future that haven’t even happened yet. We think it may happen but do not know for certain, yet we worry as if the worst will happen.

When we worry and are anxious, our health can be affected. Our relationships can be affected. Overall we can be affected negatively.

When we worry our present being is being affected and the blessings of today because we are so focused on other things that we can’t see the great stuff that is going on right now in our lives.

When you start to get anxiety, or worry, or whatever negative feeling you may have, take a step back.

Take your thoughts captive!

Become self-aware about what it is you are becoming angry, or anxious, or whatever feeling you are having. Ask yourself what you are trying to control that you realistically can’t.

Once you determine the cause, ask yourself if you can fix it, or if it is something you can never really do anything about. If you can’t do anything about it, let it go. Physically tell yourself to let it go.

Pray on it. Ask God for guidance to help you let it go and overcome.

You can only control yourself. That’s it! Part of the fruit of the Spirit is self-control, so focus on what you can control.

Focus on today and not tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to have its own problems so just focus on the blessings of today. Watch now.

It’s your turn.  What challenges do you have with trying to control things you can’t?  Have you used some other tips to help you overcome this challenge?  If so, please share in detail what they are.  Many people come to read this and your message could inspire them!

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