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Vulnerability: Courage in Disguise

Through Tony’s own experience with embracing vulnerability, he shares the myths around vulnerability to bring an awareness to the subject to guide men toward lasting change, innovation, and creativity.  He helps men understand the factors that contribute to shame and how men often react to shame.  He ends by giving clear instruction on how to fight and build a resilience to shame, transforming men’s lives by create lasting change.

The Abundant Life: 4 Keys to Creating Happiness that Lasts

It’s easy to follow culture and find happiness from other people and stuff.  Unfortunately, this type of happiness does not last.  We are taught to look outside for happiness.  Tony provides a different perspective on happiness and 4 simple keys to begin creating happiness that lasts starting immediately.

The Resilient Mind: 4 Habits to Weather Any Storm

When things are going great in our lives, it is easy to be happy, grateful, full of joy, and relaxed.  But what happens when things go wrong?  We become stressed, anxious, fearful, and irrational.  Tony shares strategies that will allow you to find peace in any situation

Walking Through Grief: Learning How to Survive Loss and Rediscovering YOU

Dealing with loss and grief is tough.  There is no way around it, you have to navigate directly into grief.  But what if there is a way to allow walking through grief a little easier?  Tony shares the process he used (and still uses today) to help him do just that.  He helps you rediscover who you are and how to adapt to the “new normal.”

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