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How a Famous Violinist Relates to Creating a New Beginning in Your Life

So how does a story about a famous violinist relate to creating a new beginning in your life?

Tony, you may be reeeeally stretching it on this one!

Let me share with you EXACTLY how it relates!

Have you heard of Itzhak Perlman?

He is a famous violinist that has performed worldwide.

The important thing to know about Itzhak is that he has polio.  If you know anything about polio, it is a crippling disease.

Because of that, Itzhak has to get around with the use those arm brace crutches. The ones that have the forearm brace and the handle to lean on.

So, when he performs, it is hard for him to get around, therefore it takes him a long time to get from back stage to the stage.

One particular well known concert, he is in the middle of playing and a string breaks on his violin.  The sound is so loud it can be heard throughout the entire auditorium.

Then there is an uncomfortable silence.  Everyone is thinking that Itzhak is either going to have to stop the concert, get up and go get another violin which will take some time for him to do, or have someone bring a violin.

Those that understand music know that it is impossible to play with three strings.  Or is it.

Itzhak then does the unthinkable.  He doesn’t get up, or have someone bring him another violin.  He begins to play using three strings.

You can see him instantaneously recalculating the chords as he is playing.  He rewrote the music right there in the middle of the performance.

He went on to perform one the best concerts in history.

When he was done, the audience gave him a standing ovation.  The crowd went crazy.

They couldn’t believe what he just did!

Itzhak slowly gets up and motions to silence the crowd.  After a moment of silence, he humbly said this.

“Sometimes, it’s the artist’s task to find out how much music they can still play with what they have left.”

Let me repeat that because it is powerful!

“Sometimes, it’s the artist’s task to find out how much music they can still play with what they have left.”

Let that sink in for a second.

This also holds true in life.  When storms come, when things are taken from you, forcing you to create a new beginning, it is your task to create an amazing life with what you have left.

It is YOUR task to create an AMAZING life!

And that is how a famous violinist relates to a new beginning.

So, let me ask you…

What is preventing you from having a new beginning?

What beliefs are holding you back from creating an amazing life with what remains?

It’s time to detach and let those old stories go.

It’s time to unleash your greatness!

If this has served you, let me know…It fuels my passion to see how these messages help others.

As always, please share with other awesome days who could benefit from this message.

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