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What is life without hope?

Without hope, what do we really have? What is life without hope?

Without hope we have hopelessness. Without hope we have fear. Without hope we have anger. Without hope we have despair. Without hope we have doubt. Without hope we have anxiety. Without hope we have sadness and depression.

Why do we have all these negative emotions without hope? Because we have no positive outlook of the future. We fail to see that our future has meaning and purpose.

This is true of any area of our lives we may be struggling in. Whether that be finances, relationships, marriages, business or job. Without hope, we quit. We think that our lives will remain the way they are and that it will not get any better.

We begin to believe that the current storm we are in will not get better. Instead of dancing in the rain like we did when we were kids, we drown in the puddles.

Depression and sadness come from believing there is no hope. It comes from the story we are currently telling ourselves, and repeatedly tell ourselves.

Those that make it through the storms, the challenges in life, are the ones who hold on to hope. They believe that tomorrow can get better.

They begin to tell themselves a different story. They begin to believe this new story. Their state of being changes which ultimately changes their life.

Where have you lost hope? What areas of your life have you given up on?

I want to challenge you to seek hope, because without hope we have nothing!

With hope, we can overcome anything!

Here is the cold hard truth….we are going to face hard times. That is reality!

But hope says, “I know what my reality is right now. I know the facts of my current situation, but I have hope that I can, AND will make it through. I have hope that there is a better tomorrow.”

Whatever your current situation is, hope says it will get better.

Hope doesn’t stop with us though. There are times when we need to be hope for others. We need to be the light in their current darkness. We need to speak hope into others when they feel hopeless.

There are many times I felt hopeless in life. Certain areas of my life I just felt destined to remain in that negative state. I lost hope with my finances. I lost hope that I could overcome anger. I lost hope that I could overcome the death of my wife and raise my daughter on my own. I began to wonder if I could be a good dad. I lost hope after two failed marriages. I lost hope after four years of trying to get coaching to work.

Thankfully, I had others speak hope into me when I felt alone and hopeless. I had amazing people in my life that kept pushing me forward until I found hope on my own.

Over time, I realized that I could overcome anger. I could become a great father. I could heal and attract the perfect person for my daughter and I. I realized that I could fix my finances. I realized that my coaching could work and that coaching was my purpose.

I believed it so much so that my state of being changed. Of course I still doubt, that is human nature. The difference now is that I always turn my focus back to hope and continue pushing forward.

It is your time to turn back to hope! Watch now….

It’s your turn. What challenges do you have with in the area of hope? Have you given up on hope? Who in your life is a positive influence that can speak hope into you? Where can you go to surround yourself with people that can speak into you? Have you used some other strategies to help you overcome this challenge? If so, please share in detail what they are. Many people come to read this and your message could inspire them!

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Remember, your purpose is unique to you and the world needs your gifts, so don’t give up because it’s never too late to create a new beginning in life!


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