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The Everything Group....Clever name, right?!  LOL

The "right name" hasn't come to me yet, but this simply states what this group is all about.

It combines all the modalities that I use to help others heal, become themselves again, show up in the full expression of themselves, AND manifest a life they love, creating their own unique path in this world.

In this group, you will receive reiki healing and intuitive readings twice per month, plus shadow work support as we go on this awakening journey together.  You will be in a community of like-minded souls on a similar journey helping you move to the next phase of your evolution.

I will share lessons and tools I have learned and experienced myself, and continuously evolve with new tools and lessons as I ascend as well.

The intuitive readings will guide you.  The reiki will move stuck energy holding you back.  The shadow work will help move the energy released, and change the stories that come up from childhood, generationally, as well as what you perceived to be true.  The tools and lessons are designed to make all of this a little easier and of course fun.

The group will evolve as the collective community grows.

Ready to shine your Light?

Ready to break free from the mold society and generations before us placed us in?

Tired of trying to fit in?

Ready to create your own unique path?

Ready to reconnect with who you truly are and finally express your individuality?

Ready to finally feel safe to be YOU?

Ready to trust yourself, your intuition, your gifts, your power, Life, and the Universe?

Ready to manifest an amazing life that is exciting and fun? 


Then jump on in!!

The Everything Group - $149/mo