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Tony Fonte


Hey there!  I’m Tony Fonte and welcome!

My goal is to add more value to you than you ever thought was possible?

Why? So you can have YOUR new beginning in life!

A life you desire and love.  I do this by providing simple tools and strategies that you can implement immediately.

How can I do this you ask?  Well, because everything I teach, I have experienced in my life at some point.  Vulnerability and shame are hard to discuss, but yet, are the cornerstone to discovering who you really are, so that you can create a new beginning and become a better dad, better husband, and a stronger leader.

My experience, compassion, and training allow me to guide men to where they want to go.  To be who they were created to be.  I will challenge you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that you can show up and be seen as the best version you can possibly be.

Why I do what I do……

I was inspired by the sudden and tragic loss of my wife back in 2011 that left me to raise my then 5-year-old daughter by myself.  I always loved to help people but had no idea it would come to this level and it would take something so tragic to get me here.  I once heard that through our trials we will be able to help others out.  A year after my wife passed, I felt the calling to use my situation to change the lives of others.

With something so inspiring, you think it was an easy cake walk right?  Not the case! I had to go through more hardship and storms.  I have experienced just about every loss you can imagine from loss of passion/dream, loss of self, divorce, death of spouse, financial, etc.  Through all this darkness I was still able to find the light.  Most of what I have gone through would knock most people down permanently yet, here I stand.  Why?

I was given a great deal of strength and resiliency.  Most importantly I had a why! Others look up to me, such as my daughter.


I have a burning passion and purpose.  

The tools I have learned along the way, and the tools I continue to add to my tool belt allow me to help people in a more effective way, but it’s not the training and tools that I have that makes the difference.

It’s the experience!

I am not just a professor type person who studied how to help someone.  When I work with someone whether from stage, in a group setting, or 1 on 1, I understand the pain they are feeling.  I understand what they are experiencing. Because I can relate and empathize, I am able to help someone make radical shifts in their life.  Shifts they didn’t know were possible.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and am very transparent/vulnerable.  I never claim to have all the answers and I make my fair share of mistakes.  My goal is to bring the very best of who I am, what I am learning and living, and to be honest and real every step of the way!

I like to have fun so you won’t always get professionally polished, but I aim to inspire and create lasting change and make a huge impact in the world.  I hope you enjoy the ride!




Tony has such a genuine heart and really strives to help you reach your best life.  Tony offers insight in such a way that you go through self-discovery that empowers you to take control of your mind and actions.  He helps me get back on track every time I lose my way or need a boost.

– Karen Wilhelms/Thrivent Financial

“Take your life to the next level!”

It sounded great, but I didn’t know what it really meant.  30 enlightening minutes with Tony showed me his potential to help. I was kind of scared to take the invitation, a little intimidated for talking to someone so confident and centered, but then I was surprised at how easily he took me from that ugly place I was to a path of goals and joy.

Now, one of my goals is to take coaching sessions with Tony Fonte. He really cleared my mind that day. I wonder how much I could acomplish with more sessions?

scared mouse


I need to work to reach these new goals, but that scary mouse feeling I had, is gone.




confident mouse


Now I feel like a mouse ready to ring the bell at the cat. The cat represents my new beginning.


– Gisela Gutiérrez, Guadalajara, México.

I met with Tony for my discovery session. He is very intuitive, honest and helped me immensely! I left feeling so much better! I would recommend his expertise to anyone! It’s easy to book an appointment with him! Go see him today!

– April K., St. Louis Missouri