Tony Fonte



Hey!  I'm Tony "Freakin" Fonte!!


How you doin?!!

I'm glad you're here! Seriously, I am!


If you are like most of my tribe, you are searching for something more.  You are looking to be the best version of you that you can possibly be in all areas of your life.  You are seeking freedom in:

  • Business

  • Relationships with kids, spouse/significant other, friends and family

  • health

  • spiritual growth

  • mentally

  • emotionally

  • hobbies and passion

  • impact and purpose

You work hard day in and day out to fulfill the vision you have for your life.  You have amazing dreams and desires!  You are looking for more freedom, peace, and happiness!

You want to win in life...in all areas.  You want to have more fun.  You have a burning desire deep within.

But something is holding you back, isn't there?

You feel like something is missing.  You don't feel fulfilled.  You're having fun when things are great, or using life as a diversion to the pain within, giving the false appearance that you are having fun.  But as soon as the fun is over, or something unexpected happens, you unravel.  You become triggered by those, and the world, around you.  You feel defeated.

You feel like there is an invisible wall in front of you, that no matter what you do, it seems like your vision is outside of your reach.


I mean, you have tried everything to overcome and become the person you want to be, and live the life you have always wanted...so it would seem.  You just want to have fun and experience peace, damnit!

Freeeeeeeeeedom!!!!  Where are you??!!


You feel disconnected from your spouse, kids, friends, and family.  You cannot stand this feeling but nothing seems to relieve it....you can't get past it.


You are stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, angry, maybe even bitter and resentful...You are exhausted emotionally, mentally, and physically.  You react to life instead of responding to it.  Life controls you!


Your insecurities seem to become stronger and stronger, and the doubt and inadequacy creeps in more and more with every passing moment causing you to wonder if you really deserve a better life, and if you are broken...That something is wrong with you.


Maybe you're destined to suffer?


But something deeper keeps calling you. However, you're not sure what to do and how to get there. 

So you continue seeking outside of yourself for answers to end the pain you feel on the inside.

Oh happiness, fun, and peace, where art thou?!!  LOL!!

I get it...I've been there, too.

For most of my life I was toxic.  I was an angry, bitter, insecure, resentful, and at times, a narcissistic guy.  It is all I knew.  It is all I grew up with.  

For years I thought I was destined to struggle and suffer.  After all, I "tried everything" to get past the pain but would always end up on the ground, in the same place, or worse off.

I constantly struggled in business, relationships, and every area of life.  I wasn't the husband, or dad, I wanted to be.

I wanted more.  I had big dreams.  A HUGE vision.  But, I always seemed to fall short.  It was like there was this invisible wall that I would hit any time I began gaining momentum and achieving any level of success.

I read personal development book after personal development book. I attended seminars.  I studied human behavior.  I saw some growth, but I remained stuck.

I became frustrated, angry (shocker right? lol), stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, and for a period of time, depressed.  I was consumed by worry and anxiety.

I blamed everyone and everything around me for my reality at the time.

Why can't I achieve success?!!  Why do I keep sabotaging myself?!!  Why can't I get past this anger?!!  Why do my relationships continue to struggle?!!  Why?! Why?!  Why?

It wasn't until my world fell a part that I was finally able to answer these questions, and more.


It took my wife dying unexpectedly to save me.  Yes, my wife died to save me!


She left me a beautiful daughter that would turn out to be my greatest teacher.  She inspired me to grow.  To make the necessary shifts and re-create my life from the ground up...to CURE TOXICITY!


Instead of chaos, struggle, and suffering, I now have peace and freedom...I found lasting happiness.


I have the confidence and courage I once lacked...or thought I lacked.  I show up more powerfully for myself, my daughter, and the world...I reclaimed the power I gave away for all those years.

I have built an amazing relationship with my daughter...I am finally the dad and man I have always dreamed of being!

I am living the life I have always wanted to live.  I am making my vision a reality.  I have purpose, passion, and excitement back!  I am having FUN and enjoying the process along the way!  I have fun even in the middle of chaos!


I have the gift of making people smile and laugh, AND the gift of feeling other's most deepest pain.   Now, I use these gifts to impact the world instead of using them as a defense mechanism to hide my pain.

How can I help??

I help seekers just like you laugh through life and make ALL of life fun.  You desire more and are seeking that "missing piece." I have powerful gifts that will guide you to heal the pain that is holding you back!  Don't be afraid, well, maybe just a little (ha, ha!).  The transformational process will be fun, I promise!

I show you how to cultivate the peace and happiness that is deep within curing any toxicity that may be present, allowing you to create freedom, gain the confidence and courage to show up powerfully, and build amazing relationships with your kids, spouse/significant other.

I show you how to re-ignite the passion, excitement, and purpose that is bursting to flow from you so that you can do what lights your soul on fire and have the fulfillment that you are longing for.

How do I do this?

Sketch comedy through The Tony "Freakin" Fonte Show on YouTube, Online self-paced programs, The Laughing Through Life Membership Community, International Speaking, Seminars, Workshops, and retreats.


Damn, that's a lot!  LOL!!  I am bringing everything to the world to meet everyone at their level of readiness.

Come willing and tired, and leave inspired and on fire (not literally...lol!)

I'm creating a high energy revolution and spreading fun, laughter, love, peace and joy all over the world - I hope you join me on the crusade!

Let's have some FREAKIN FUN!!!