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Tony Fonte




Heeeeeey!  How you doin'?!

I'm Tony Fonte and I'm so glad you are here.  And there is a reason you are here.  Nothing happens by coincidence or mistake.

You are awakening and your energy vibration matches this message, otherwise you wouldn't have found if by magic.  Well, it is freakin' MAGIC, damnit!!

You are beginning to question your life, how things are showing up, why you do what you do, how things really work, and why things are happening the way they do.  Or, maybe you have been questioning for some time and your energy has finally shifted and BAM!  Here you are! (Again, how you doin'?!)

You are searching for answers...for TRUTH, although you may not understand why you are asking or seeking.  Or, you are ready to go deeper into the're ready to raise your consciousness to a new level.

You feel like something is missing and you don't feel alive anymore. The passion seems to have fizzled out.  Maybe, you never have felt alive.  You are really just getting by. Really, you're tired of living the same reality over and over again like you are in Groundhog Day!

You're exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious.  Maybe you find yourself frustrated quite often with where you are in life. You may have some moments of joy, fun, or happiness, but they easily get drowned out by the main emotions you're feeling. (Why you sooo serious, yo?! LOL!!)

Your relationships with your partner and/or kids are lacking.  They have lost that passion and "aliveness."  Your career doesn't light you up anymore, or maybe never has, but you feel you have to do it. It's what you're "supposed" to do. (I'm exhausted just typing this!  The hell?!!)

You feel this calling for something greater.  You desire to be FREE.  You know something has to change.  But, maybe you're just not sure how, or if you can.  You overthink things and worry way too damn much what others will think if you live life for you, the way you dream it to be.

You desire to experience more magic, more joy, more fun.  You desire to feel alive in all that you do.  You desire amazing relationships. You desire to live life the way you envision.  You desire to allow life to flow through you.



But Wait!  There's More!! 

I've Been There Too...

I have had many people reach out to me saying "you always look like you are having soo much fun...I want to have fun like that too!" AND "I wish I could be a little bit like amazing my life could be."

I do have some fun A LOT, and magic flows constantly.

But, my life was not always this way.  Just a few short years ago, I was the person wanting to be like others to have an amazing life too, and wanting to have more fun on the daily.

I was so fucking miserable.  Angry.  Insecure.  Bitter. Exhausted.  Anxious. At times depressed.  Worried about what others thought of me and trying so hard to get others approval and to like me.  And...A whole lot of other feelings that made me think that a fun and magical life was sooo far away.

This life is what I grew up with.  It is what I lived with my entire life.  I thought I tried everything to break free, but still somehow seemed to remain stuck.

I tried controlling every aspect of my life to bring me peace.  But, that just made things worse.

It wasn't until my world completely shattered that my life began to shift.  Over a three year period, I lost my wife unexpectedly to a prescription drug overdose, leaving me to raise our then, five year old daughter, and another wounded marriage came to a destructive end.

On the ground, feeling defeated, I hear these words.  "Tony, Kailee (that's my daughter) is going to choose a guy like you some day and marry him.  If she were to choose today, would you be happy with that choice?"


My Immediate response was "Oh hell no, I'd kill him!!"  Then the voice replied "well she is watching, you have work to do!"

It was at that moment that my life changed. I just wanted to deal with the anger.  I had no idea what was in store as I traveled down the rabbit hole.

Now, I'm free!  I feel more alive than I ever have in my entire life.  Life flows and I create my own magic daily!  Life is so freaking exciting now.

I have healed and re-connected with my inner child.  That kid that I had forgotten about for far too long.  That goofy, funny, and creative AF kid that was weird, didn't fit in a box, and was unafraid to be himself.

I am finally the man and dad I have always wanted to be.  I have an unbelievably fun relationship with my daughter now!

I am living life for myself and embracing the full expression of my DIVINE POWER.

I am doing what makes me feel alive.   I am creating a life that makes me feel alive.  And...I am having a ton of fun along the entire journey.

You see...I had to go to that place, to get to this place.  I had to experience HELL, so that I could remember who the fuck I really am, opening up all these amazing magical and fun gifts within me, so that I could then share and teach it to others so they could do the same.

If you are trying to get out of that place you are in, just follow me...I'll get you there!  (You hear Eminem in your head don't you?)

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How can I help??

I am a spiritual wizard, teacher, and intuitive healer.  I am a spiritual humorist. (What the hell does that mean?) It means I use humor/comedy to share spiritual truths and to make the awakening process more fun. I use the healing frequency of laughter to make the healing/awakening process much lighter, and not so damn heavy.

I am an empath and intuitive which means I can feel people's deepest pain AND channel where the pain is coming from and guide them to heal it.  I can pick up on other's energy and help them move that energy that is blocking them. (These are crazy awesome gifts!)

I teach and share how to Laugh Through Life.  How to make life magical.  How to create amazing relationships.  How to feel alive and create a life that is exciting and fun.  From this I created the Laughing Through Life Movement!!

I show others how to remember who they truly are and how to embrace the full expression of their DIVINE POWER. (This is where the true magic lies!) It's about coming home to who you truly are.  Who you always have been, but forgot.  I help you heal and re-connect with your inner child.  The YOU that you abandoned years ago to chase acceptance, love, validation, and approval from the OUTSIDE.

I teach others how to live life for them, and how to create a life that flows, instead of forcing and living a life they think they are "supposed" to live.

You were never meant to fit in a box, so let's break free from that box and let that magic flow!!

Life is meant to be fun.  ALL of it! Life is supposed to be full of joy.  Life is supposed to be lived in a way that makes you feel so damn alive.  Your relationships...yeah, you got it....they are supposed to fun too!

You are here to expand, to evolve, to ascend.  Then share your story using your gifts to guide others. (Your gifts will reveal themselves when you start doing the me!) 


I am here to help you along this magical journey and make it fun AF!

Let me ask you.  Are you ready to let go and have some more fun?  Are you ready to feel more alive?  Are you ready to create more magic in your life?  Are you ready to build amazing relationships?  Let's do this damnit!!

How do I do this?

Through fun, yet powerful, messages, on YouTube, Tik Tok, and IG.  Chances are you are here because you resonated with one of my messages.  


Through self-paced online courses, online course/group mastermind hybrids, masterminds, and retreats.

Using Reiki, Intuitive Channeling, spiritual wisdom, and Laughter to alchemize the healing journey.

If you are ready to create more magic, have more fun, and feel more alive, then let's make it happen!  Join me on the revolution to raise the consciousness of the planet!

It's time to manifest the life of your dreams by being YOU!!

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