Laughing Through Life


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Hi, I'm Tony "Freakin" Fonte

How you doin?!


I am a spiritual comedian, entertainer, teacher, and author.


Life is meant to be fun.  I mean ALL of life.  Not just when things are going great.  It's easy to have fun then!  But, what about when things aren't going great?  When things seem to be falling a part and not going as we planned?  Can we have fun then?

Yes....yes we can!  This is what im talking about.  ALL of life is meant to be fun.

This is what I show others how to do.  To fall back in love with life and make ALL of it fun!  I make the transformational journey fun.  I bring light, comedy, and humor to the serious, hard, tough topics we all face but rarely want to discuss.  Or, at least discuss from a different perspective.

I help others Laugh Through Life!

How is this possible?  How can I do this?

I know from experience.  I have always had the gift of making others laugh, but never used it in a genuine way.  I used to be a toxic guy, and used humor as a defense mechanism.  I was more like a magician, pretty good at hiding my I thought.  

Now, I live the Laughing Through Life philosophy!


FREE Video: 5 Tips to Having More Fun in Life (Even When Life Seem to Be Falling A Part!) *Coming Soon*

Latest Comedy Video 

If you love comedy...If you love to laugh...If you love skit comedy...

THIS show is for you!

We take the difficult topics, the taboo if you will, and have fun with them.  This includes self reflection on pain and trauma, current events, and even random thoughts about life, relationships, business, turned comedy.

They are designed to make you think differently while at she same time giving you the opportunity to laugh, smile, snort, spit your drink out, and maybe even pee your pants a little.  LOL!!

Occassionally we will just provide some craziness with no message, just to give you a laugh.

Laughter is great healing for the soul.  We can always use a good laugh!

Spiritual Comedy at It's Finest!

Welcome to The Tony "Freakin" Fonte Show and ENJOY!!

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Learn to Laugh Through Life and Have More Fun

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