Laughing Through Life


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Hi, I'm Tony "Freakin" Fonte

I show others how to laugh through life, struggle less, and have more fun.

How do I do that? 


I show them how to create freedom in all areas of life, giving them the peace and happiness they desire, the confidence to show up more powerfully for themselves and the world, and build strong relationships with their spouse, kids, or attract their desired person into their lives.

All the while, they learn to laugh and have fun through the entire process, bringing passion, excitement, and purpose back into their lives, so they can live fully the life they desire and deserve and make the impact they are here to make.

I cured toxicty in my own life and live what I teach.

Learn to Laugh Through Life and Have a ton of fun!!

Latest Podcast Episode 

Hey!  It's Tony Freakin Fonte!  How you doin?!

What an amazing conversation with Nathalie Timmerman, all the way from Germany!  I love how technology allows us to connect with amazing people doing amazing things to create change in the world.

Nathalie is one such person!  She is a Positive Psychology Coach.  She is not just any coach though.  She takes a holistic approach to showing people how to live their best life....starting NOW!

In this episode, we have some fun talking about how to create lasting happiness through self-awareness.

There is so much valuable information in this episode, you don't want to miss out!

Listen to the entire conversation to see for yourself!

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