Laughing Through Life


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Hi, I'm Tony "Freakin" Fonte

I show others how to laugh through life, struggle less, and have more fun.

How do I do that? 


I show them how to create freedom in all areas of life, giving them the peace and happiness they desire, the confidence to show up more powerfully for themselves and the world, and build strong relationships with their spouse, kids, or attract their desired person into their lives.

All the while, they learn to laugh and have fun through the entire process, bringing passion, excitement, and purpose back into their lives, so they can live fully the life they desire and deserve and make the impact they are here to make.

I cured toxicty in my own life and live what I teach.

Latest Podcast Episode 

Episode Two: How we make things harder than they have to be.

We often are our own worst enemy. 

Instead of living life fully, and allowing it to flow easily, we put these barriers up...these invisible walls that hold us back from living out our vision and dreams, having the relationships we desire, and doing what excites us.

All of this of course, is taking place unconsciously.  Consciously, we would not sabotage ourselves.

It isn't our fault.  But it is our responsibility to let go of in order to live out the purpose we each have.

Listen and learn how we sabotage ourselves and how to create the necessary shifts to live a life that feels good and that you are excited to wake up to


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Learn to Laugh Through Life and Have a ton of fun!!

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