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WELCOME to Awaken Your Genius!!

Awaken Your Genius! 

What the hell does that mean?!!  It means awakening to...

- Your true self

- Your unique expression

- Your unique truth

- Your unique dreams and desires

- Your unique imagination and creativity


 Awakening the YOU that was meant to come here and shine your unique Light to expand the consciousness of humanity!  To live the life of your dreams.  To BE who you are meant to be.  

It is safe to be you now, and it is time to be you now.  This has been a channeled message for myself, and now i'm sharing it with you.

When you are being you...

- You live life the way you want and stop worrying about what others think

- you begin going with the flow and respond to life instead of reacting to it

- you begin having more fun no matter the situations around you

- You can feel good despite your current reality

- You become truly free when you are not controlled by outside world

- You manifest the life, the love, the abundance you want with EASE

The community is designed to help you unravel all the conditioning, all the generational trauma, all the inner child wounds, and all the stories that you bought into so that you can FINALLY be YOU unapologetically!

In this group...

- We will do weekly intuitive readings where we go deep into the wounds, stories, and beliefs holding you back from being you and living the life you dream of.

- We will do recorded and live reiki healing meditations to move stuck energy and emotions from you body.

- Connect with a community of people on a journey just like you, who will support you, hold space for you, and encourage you on your evolution of your next higher version of Self.  This is a safe space for all to share, grow, and shine.

- We will focus on shadow work, reality visioning and creation, opening the heart to receive all that we desire, and having fun along the journey every month. 

The intuitive readings will guide you.  The reiki will move stuck energy holding you back.  The shadow work will help move the energy released, and change the stories that come up from childhood, generationally, as well as what you perceived to be true.  The tools and lessons are designed to make all of this a little easier and of course fun.

Life is meant to be fun, more child-like, experienced with joy and wonder.  Once you understand how it works, you begin to look at it with excitement wondering "what can I create next?!" And then sit back and watch the Magic unfold.

This is the Laughing Through Life way!

Awaken Your Genius - $149/mo

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