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Do you struggle with confidence
in your relationship?

Do you struggle feeling FREE to be yourself with your partner?

Do you often find yourself losing
yourself in your relationships?

Hi, I’m Tony Fonte, how you doin’?!! 

I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer, Medium, and Spiritual Mentor.  I help men feel FREE to be themselves in relationships with unshakable confidence to create powerful, deeper, connection & intimacy with their partners.


I created Conscious Men, Conscious Relationships to help men break free from the generational cycles that hold them back from showing up for themselves, which in turn, allows them to show up fully in their relationships and create the deeper intimacy and connection with their partner that they crave.


This six month course will challenge you to grow faster than you thought possible. It combines my intuitive abilities and the wisdom I have gained from my own healing journey.

You will go from lack of confidence — worried about what your partner thinks, says, or is doing — to an

up-leveled confidence that your partner thinks is sexy.


You will go from afraid to be and express yourself, to inner peace and freedom through deep vulnerability, raising your attractive edge and allowing you to show up as YOU.


You will find peace, strength, and power in knowing you are not alone, releasing that feeling of isolation even when you are around other men and your partner.

You will open up to your TRUE strength and power to take aligned action to lead in the masculine.


You will gain a community that we will all learn from, grow with, support, and cheer on.

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I add a unique flair of fun and laughter to this journey as well, because healing doesn't have to be so heavy all the damn time.

"Dang It Tony!  Why do you have to be so spot on????

Our Sessions have been life altering to say the least!  My anxiety levels have come down, I feel a different sense of calm, and that's priceless.

You have a gift my friend...and I am honored to benefit from it."

      - Matthew M.

"You were an easy choice because you are relatable with your extra self. 


You made me feel comfortable, and was patient with me.  This made me feel like my healing was important to you.

I felt valued which was unexpected.

And you gave me the opportunity to hear my baby bro call me a whiny bitch again!"

            - H. Cecil

"You would be astonished to experience his extremely interesting skills.

Not only is he great at what he does, he also has a slightly hypnotic voice that helps you go deeper into yourself when doing the healing work.

If you are serious about your healing, I cannot recommend Tony enough."

     - Alain S.

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Let’s go deeper into this, shall we??

This is more than the relationship with your partner.  This goes so much deeper than that.


This is about the relationship with YOU - releasing all the conditioning, stories, wounds, of who you think you are and getting back to who you truly are, to experience the relationship you have always desired, yet doubted it would ever happen because it seemed to always elude you.


Not anymore!!!


You will learn to face and release hidden stories from your childhood and past relationships holding you back from the intimacy and connection with your partner you crave.


You will release trapped emotions holding you back from being and expressing yourself fully.


You will heal the root cause of why you lose yourself in your relationships.  She will get turned on experiencing you being yourself.


You will break generational cycles that kept the men in your family shackled in their inner prison, ending the unnecessary suffering and pain and create healthy cycles to pass on to the next generation.

You will completely shift to how a man was originally created to show up and lead in the masculine.

You will pull back the layers to reveal the power and strength of who you truly are.


You will experience the freedom, peace, and confidence you have only had a small taste of.


You will learn that vulnerability is strength and the key to open your partner’s heart, allowing her to soften into her feminine building a trust so powerful, you will connect with her on a whole new level.  This shit is erotic!

landing page I created copy.png
landing page I created copy.png

If you want freedom in your relationship (or you want to attract her)…


If you want deeper intimacy and connection with your partner…


If you want to feel more confident in your skin and your relationship…

If you want to have more fun in your relationship and build something amazing and grow together...


Then book your FREE Intuitive session with me and learn more about the Conscious Men, Conscious Relationships Program

What you will get on the call...

A personal Intuitive reading to access ONE thing that is holding you back right now from showing up confidently and building deeper intimacy and connection with your partner

A personal energy healing session to clear out stuck emotions and energy to begin opening up to more confidence and fully show up as yourself in your relationship


You will gain awareness on why you have been showing up the way you have been and what to do to shift your reality and relationships


You will gain clarity on next steps on your journey giving you a sense of peace and freedom to lead in the masculine 

You will leave with a confidence boost, ready to re-ignite the passion in your relationship in just a short 60 minute session

Tips to begin building deeper intimacy & connection with your partner RIGHT NOW!

Annnnnd soo much more...


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